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Top 3 Movies Every Programmer and Tech Geek Should Watch


Fantasies are a part of life, and you cannot escape those worlds of intrigue at any point in time. No achievement will cease those thoughts of wanting to live in an almost perfect world. Drawing lines of similarities between your life and fantasy will inspire you more by making you more aspirational of many feats. Techies have their way of approaching things, and works of fiction help them to either remain grounded or aim for more. Hollywood is well-known for sci-fi movies that introduce us to the fictional worlds of highly advanced technologies. Everything from AI and VR to holograms and nanotechnology has been integral in many of our favorite movies. If you are a programmer or a tech geek, here are some movies you must watch to build your knowledge and goals.

1.      Tron

Although a second installment was released in 2010, it is the original that remains a classic to date. Steven Lisberger helmed the movie to bring the story of a technologically advanced parallel universe to life on the screen. Jeff Bridges portrayed the role of a computer programmer who gets sucked into the computer world. Trying to escape from that futuristic realm and the unraveling of secrets form the crux of this story. Plenty of scenes have been included to introduce certain technologies to the people of that decade. Tron is considered the best watch for programmers as it touches multiple areas of computer technology to educate us on various levels about the possibilities within codes and chips.

2.      Hackers

Iain Softley brought the internet onto the silver screens through this 1995 movie. Though the usage of the internet was considerably low back in the day, many people explored the potential of this vast network after the release. Not many of those aspirants succeeded in materializing those ideas; efforts are still going into bringing these elements to life. Corporate extortion is not being attempted, but the technology used in the movie is being focused on by many companies. If you are also a lover of such movies and programming, try this to improve your knowledge about the various languages.


3.      Ex Machina

This 2015 Academy Award-winning movie is a psychological thriller that follows the life of a young programmer who is testing the capabilities of an AI robot. Although Artificial Intelligence is a recurring concept in cinema, not many movies have explored the emotional side of it with such ease and artistic brilliance. The movie warns us to stay away from the machines that could slowly evolve into a menacing creation. Several questions are addressed in this epic creation to clarify the point that most of the technologies have a broad range of downsides, which are often conveniently overlooked. Programmers must-watch Ex Machina to know the risks involved in every step they take, further helping them to curb their creative enthusiasm and technical expertise for a better future.